Line up :
Paul Jackson - vocals
Lee Jones - guitar/vocals
Steve Wheel - guitar
Gareth Thorrington - keyboards
Matt Jones - bass
Dave Reynolds - drums




AERONAUT - Songs from the Outpost

We aeronauts of the spirit! All those brave birds which fly out into the distance, into the farthest distance- is it certain! somewhere or other they will be unable to go on and will perch down on a mast or a bare cliff face - and they will even be thankful for this miserable accomodation! But who could venture to infer from that, that there was not an immense open space before them, that they had flown as far as one could fly! All our great teachers and predecssors have at last come to stop...; it will be the same with you and me! But what does that matter to you and me! Other birds will fly further!